Author: Wolfe Locke

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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In the aftermath of a deal brokered in shadow, Daniel is offered an impossible second chance by an enigmatic Dark Lord who seeks to play puppeteer. Armed with a single mission, he embarks on a perilous quest: to climb the tower once more and overthrow its merciless master and claim the tower as his own, or perish in the attempt.

But the path that lies ahead is full danger. Each floor of the tower is a trail, a wicked gauntlet that dares the most daring to surpass. Every challenge he overcomes peels back the veil on nightmarish distortions of humanity, each one more grotesque than the last.

In Pandemonium, a realm that forges monsters from the souls of men, Daniel is offered a cruel ultimatum. As he navigates this twisted world where terrors lurk in every shadow, he grapples with the choice that could define his fate. He can either succumb to the growing darkness or embrace it.

As he becomes a monster himself to fight the horrors that surround him, Daniel realizes that surviving is merely the first rung on the ladder to victory. For in a realm where the line between man and monster blurs, even the prospect of victory is shrouded in uncertainty. After all, in this monstrous game of survival, there are no guarantees. Only the strong, the monstrous, and the relentless can hope to stand tall.