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This book contains 30 of the best chilli recipes, spicy and hot.I know full well that chilli is a personal thing and my opinion may not be the same as other people’s.But having said that, I do urge you to try them out.If there are ingredients you cannot find, or some you would rather change to suit your own taste, then by all means feel free to do so.I have been making chilli for over 30 years, so I know everyone has their own favourite.Chilli to some people can contain almost anything, and in my view there is nothing wrong with that.However to the purist this is not the case. The full name of a chilli dish is chilli con carne, meaning literally, chilli with meat.The meat used can include lamb, beef, spicy sausage and pork.Most chilli dishes today contain beans, if you go back to the 1930,s this was not the case. Chilli in those days did not contain beans.Over the years more ingredients have been added to the chilli dishes.So what meat you should use and beans or no beans is entirely up to the individual, as is any other ingredient you might use.There is nothing that compares to a hot chilli to warm you up and make you feel good.In summer or winter chilli is equally popular, and brings a touch of Mexico into your kitchen.So please join me in this voyage through the world of chilli recipes that are truly tasty, hot and spicy.