Author: DM Gilmore

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Stuck—check...Survive—pending...Level up into a World Boss?—Let's do it!

Warren loves his job. As a Game Master for Fate and Freedom Online, he gets to do everything from piloting World Bosses to helping players stuck in geometry.

When he overhears two coworkers plotting to hack the game and endanger players, things go downhill fast. Not wanting to leave a witness, Warren finds himself stuck in the game as a gnoll!

He’s level 1, aggroing to every player, and unable to call for help or even log out of the game. How could things possibly get any worse?

Warren’s only hope is to become a World Boss and get back some semblance of regular game UI. Unfortunately, standing between him and escape is a Boss Monster that isn’t too keen on letting him level up.

With some new friends and a little luck, will Warren escape his digital prison, or will he be stuck as a gnoll forever?Join Warren and his ragtag band of gnoll misfits as they pillage, plunder, and rampage their way through the world of Fate & Freedom Online in this exciting new LitRPG adventure from debut author DM Gilmore. It features personal and party growth, class evolutions, monster tribe management, and much more.Grab your copy today and join the fight!