Tooth & Claw by Emilia Hartley

Author: Emilia Hartley

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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The Tooth and Claw series contains 4 happily ever after steamy romance novels and all the rough, rugged and irresistibly sexy alpha male shifters that you've been waiting for.

This limited-edition publication includes:

Dragon Desire (#1) - Devin wants to keep his family’s secrets. Moira wants to find the story that will set her apart as a journalist. Too bad they can’t both have what they want. If the human reporter uncovers their secrets, she could ruin them all. That’s why Devin wants her to stay away. It could definitely make her career—but also ruin him, and maybe the rest of the VanTassels as well.

All she has to do is print it. If only she hadn’t fallen in love.

Dragon Devotion (#2) - If she knows the kind of person Griffin is, she’ll dump him faster than an overloaded dragon can fall out of the sky. Althea has time for everybody in the pack but herself. She’s too busy to sleep, but not busy enough to distract herself from her aching loneliness. Griffin has come to upstate New York to locate the last two of his father’s offspring—Alistair and Devin VanTassel. What he finds, though, is not just the two dragons he expected, but a growing family. He also finds Althea but she’s too good for him. All he knows is he can’t turn his or her pack over to his bloodthirsty sire, but he doesn’t know how to keep the monster away from them without sacrificing himself.

Bear Loyalty (#3) - She’s loved him for years, but he doesn’t even know her name. Summer Benson has loved Colton Peters since they shared middle school classes together. He doesn’t notice her though, not even once they’re part of the same pack. Summer arranges a date with another guy Gabe, who seems like a gentleman, but when they meet in person, he’s overbearing and panics Summer’s inner cat. Unsure how to escape, Summer calls Colton for help—and he delivers, saying it’s what any pack member would do. Spending time with Colton doesn’t feel like time with just any pack member, though. If only he weren’t so shy of commitment, he would be perfect.

Bear Affection (#4) - They ended their high-school relationship on a messy, angry note. The hate they spouted then is enough to keep them apart forever, even if the eventful intervening decade apart isn’t. Back in town after her New York dreams have crashed to pieces, Ashlyn wants to get her career back on track. Bumping into the ex she left behind is not on her agenda, especially when the ex in question has turned into some kind of Greek god lookalike. She’s going to stay away from Mac. If only he would stay away from her.

Tooth & Claw is a steamy romance series with each book ending in it's own satisfying happily-ever-after.