Author: Samaire Wynne

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Life on the streets of Manhattan was bleak......for an orphan with little education.Would a faerie named Chance change her life?Holly considered herself "street smart." She had learned to survive, deal with the cold, and ignore the hunger, but at almost 14-years old, she feared life would be one long journey of misery. Then she met him.Sitting alone on the grass......she held a sign hoping for spare change.It read, "Hungry, please help."The boy didn't give her money, he took her for a bagel. Holly was too hungry to say "no," and what he told her next was almost hard to believe. He had been sent for her.She was invited to attend a school for special students.What awaits Holly at The Faerie Academy?You'll love this story full of teen angst, magical awakenings, faerie folk, and unbelievable challenges, because we all face tests in life and Holly is someone you'll want to see succeed.Get it now.