Timothy Scott by Tobey Alexander

Author: Tobey Alexander

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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Haunted by a nightmare, one boy must overcome his fears to become a new world's hero.In our world, autistic twelve-year-old Timothy Scott fades into the shadows. Bullied and ridiculed, he discovers an enchanting world hidden behind an antique mirror and in a heartbeat everything changes. Can he become a hero and save a world from a sinister darkness?After another sleep filled with nightmares and a day being picked on by the school bullies, Timothy Scott longs for escape. When his only real friend, a voice only he can hear, offers him the chance to travel to a new world, it's an offer he cannot turn down.

As Timothy finds himself dragged through an antique mirror, he discovers a fantastic and enchanting world he never knew existed. Despite the amazing creatures he discovers and adventures he embarks on, there is something looming in the shadows, something he is already familiar with.

When Timothy learns the monster from his recurring nightmare is in fact real, he must make an impossible choice. His newfound friends call on him to become their hero and face the rising evil that threatens to destroy their world. Is he strong enough to become the hero they need, or is it all too much for a young boy to handle?

Shadow Island is the first in the Behind The Mirror coming of age fantasy series filled with magic, enchantment, fantastic creatures and heart. Fall in love with an outcast boy and watch him grow as he fights against his own insecurities and fears.Get your FREE short-story prequel The Boy And The Mirror at: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/b9ir4581v4

As a dad it’s my job to lead by example for my children. I created a hero for my autistic son. One to inspire him to believe that “being different” is a gift and not a curse. Little does he realise that his newfound hero is based on the biggest hero I know…HIM. In the process I made an adventure that’s taking readers by storm. Now you can join us on that adventure?It’s your time to discover the award-winning, Amazon UK Best Seller, Timothy Scott: Shadow Island.
★ Winner – Best Feature Screenplay (adaptation) – Golden Wheat Awards International Cinema Community 2021
★ Winner – Best Feature Screenplay – International Monthly Online Film Competition 2021
★ Winner – Best Script Feature – Accord Cine Fest 2021
★ Winner – Best Script Feature – Global Monthly International Film Festival 2021
★ Finalist– Best Script – Creative Screenwriting Animation Contest 2021
★ Finalist– Best Script – ISA Virtual Pitch 2021
♥ Honorable Mention – Best Original Script – Sanctuary International Film Festival 2021
♥ Honorable Mention – Best Original Script – Athens Monthly International Art Festival 2021
◆ Official Selection – Best Feature Screenplay – Marina Del Rey Film Festival 2021
◆ Official Selection – Best Uncommissioned Screenplay – Luna Lumen Film Festival 2021
◆ Official Selection – Best Feature Script – Top Indie Film Awards 2021
◆ Official Selection – Best Script – Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles HollywoodGenre: Epic fantasy, sword & sorcery, action & adventure, coming of age, fantasy & magic.
Audience: Middle-grade, teen, young adult, adult.
Setting: Mythical world in a parallel setting, quasi-medieval powered by magic and enchantment.
Reader age: 8+
Explicit language: None.
Completeness: First in a growing series.
Similar/influenced by: Harry Potter, Chronicles Of Narnia, Percy Jackson, His Dark Materials, The NeverEnding Story and the likes. Read more