Tides Collection: The Complete Series by R.A. Fisher

Author: R.A. Fisher

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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All three books in 'Tides', a series of steampunk fantasy novels by R.A. Fisher, now in one volume!
The Kalis Experiments: Syrina, a Kalis - spy and assassin serving the High Merchants' Syndicate - receives a seemingly mundane task to investigate the finances of a lowly merchant. However, her mission leads her to the city of Fom, where she uncovers an ancient device that could threaten them all. A tragic event awakens an ancient intelligence in her mind, and Syrina becomes consumed with the need for revenge against those responsible.
The Black Wall: Syrina discovers Anna and Pasha, survivors of General Mann’s assault, and believes they may hold the key to discovering her own identity. However, unexpected feelings for Pasha complicate matters. With the help of Ves, a former pirate, they pursue Mann while facing growing tensions within the Church of N’narad. Will Syrina find the answers she seeks and achieve revenge against her master, and at what cost?
The Grace's War: Syrina struggles to overcome her grief in a world that has not stood still since the events in Eheene that changed her and her planet, Eris, forever. With a secret stolen from her friends, Syrina gains the upper hand in the Grace of Fom's war for independence, while the schemes of the Archbishop threaten disaster. Meanwhile, former High Merchant Ehrina Ka'id and her servant seek Syrina's help to execute their own plans, and General Mann, now aligned with pirate Ves, finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that could spell the end of civilization. Can they put aside their differences and act in time to prevent another Age of Ashes?