Author: K.M. Doherty

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Avani hates dragons.Doesn’t everybody? Don’t you?At least, Avani used to hate them. And who’d blame her?The first time she saw a dragon was the night her mother died. The second time…“Why would father ask me to give up magic?And how was I supposed to know that night would change my life forever, and the lives of my friends? Especially my best friend, who I hadn’t even met yet?His name's Tom. He’s the boy from the Prophecy.Tom’s kinda cute, for a wimpy, short-eared human, that is.Besides, if I hadn’t met Tom, we'd all be dead!”You’ll love the Prequel to the award winning magical fantasy series with a twist, because who doesn’t love a broken, magically gifted elven girl torn between following her dream and living up to her promise?Begin the adventure! Download it now.