Author: Mark M. Even

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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When Mandy Mandez goes to her great grandma’s house with her cousins, Mickey and Gina, a simple game of hide and seek reveals something that none of them expected. Hidden under a pile of coats, on an old coat rack in the attic, is a mysterious parasol.Little do they know that the parasol is enchanted and when held over the shoulder and twirled in the sunshine it has powers that are beyond their reason. Soon enough the parasol shows its capability as Gina is transported into Storyworld, where things are quite different indeed and she is escorted by a man known only as The Valet.As each child takes a turn to enter the magical land, they experience amazing adventures that they could only have dreamed of, attending a party in a castle or flying through space. And for Mandy, it is the discovery that she is a witch. Explaining the powers of the parasol to their parents brings a new set of problems as they are disbelieved. But when an evil sorceress, Loganna, is freed from her captivity things go from harmless adventures to a fight to save their family legacy that will require all of their courage. The Wonders of the Peculiar Parasol is a fabulous story for kids aged 8-12. It comprises all the elements of mystery and adventure that young children will love. D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review: "The Wonders of the Peculiar Parasol is a standout adventure that revolves around saving Storyworld and preserving family ties. As Mandy grows into her abilities and comes to accept the special role that her powers give her, she is immersed in a milieu which includes magical creatures, wands, and witches and wizards that test her ability to be honest with her family. "Young readers interested in adventure tales of magic that are firmly rooted in family ties will savor The Wonders of the Peculiar Parasol, which covers more than one type of wondrous event as Mandy struggles with some unusual dilemmas and faces her real feelings about her family."Mom's Choice Award recipient, and 5 stars from Readers' Favorite.