Author: Charity Williams Smith

Category: Fantasy

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This supernatural thriller is about two sisters who encounter a vengeful spirit after discovering an old diary in the attic of their new home.
After the death of her parents, Maya and her sister Andrea, a famous horror author, move from Boston to Salem, Massachusetts. In their new home, weird things begin to happen. Doors open by themselves.There is a feeling that someone is always watching, and Maya keeps drawing and dreaming about a dark-haired Puritan girl.
But the biggest change is Andrea. She isn't like herself anymore, and she constantly reads from an old diary that she found in the attic. And sometimes her brown eyes go blue.
Maya wants to think that the weird stuff that she has been seeing is just a manifestation of her grief, but she soon realizes that something evil has awakened in her home and that something wants revenge. Maya knows that the only way to stop this evil from permanently residing in her sister is to investigate the home's history. Teaming up with the school's outcast, Maya discovers the truth behind the haunting and learns of the terrible secrets that lie within the diary's pages. But will she be able to stop this new Andrea from enacting her revenge, or will it be too late?