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Specially Designed for Mid-Aged People

Weight-Loss-No-Worry Guidelines with Diverse and Delicious Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Cooks

The Whole Body Reset was developed by a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for people in their mid-age and older, and authorized by an international board of doctors, dietitians, and fitness experts after being examined by a panel of more than its 100 professional employees. It is a weight-loss direction for optimum health, a flat belly, and a body that people will love in their midlife and beyond.

This cookbook aims primarily at people in their mid-age who want to slow down the physical effects of aging, with muscle loss being the most important factor to consider. It will thoroughly become a loyal companion and provides you and your loved ones with the magical touch of healthy and delicious food. Pick up this cookbook and you will find:

? Veiled Secrets of Whole Body Reset All You Want to Know

This cookbook will present you with how to begin with whole body reset, how we deal with food on whole body reset, and why to choose whole body reset as a mid-aged person, as well as the advantages of whole body reset.

? Various Choices of Recipes for Every Occasion

Hearty and refreshing breakfast and smoothies, considerate vegan and vegetarian recipes for vegans and vegetarians, simple and easy salads and sides, tasty lunch, enticing dinner, mouth-watering snacks, and appetizers.

? Healthy and Delicious Recipes Catering to Your Taste Bud

With only a few foods limited on whole body reset, this cookbook will show you even more various and delicious meals, such as Spicy Chicken Nuggets, Fried Mahi Mahi Bites, Chicken Meatloaf, etc.

? Considerate Recipes Helping Manage Your Life

By following the whole body reset, you will eat enough protein throughout the day, which will be included in the nutrition facts part; with simple and easy cooking instructions, novices could start their kitchen pro plan with this cookbook.

? A 4-Week Meal Plan Helping Start Your Healthy Life from now on

It won’t be easy when it comes to starting a new lifestyle. A designed 4-week plan may help you solve this and may guide you through the hardest part, choosing recipes and hesitating.

? And MORE...

Middle-age weight gain can easily be controlled through protein timing i.e., eating protein in proper amounts throughout the day. This cookbook with various recipes, containing lots of vitamins and minerals, fiber, and healthy fats, can help older people transform not only their bodies but also their lives.

Pick up this book and boost your energy, and activeness from now on!