The Weight of a Thousand Oceans by Jillian Webster

Author: Jillian Webster

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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"Haunting, eerie and beautiful."- ★★★★★ Melanie, Amazon Reviewer"Beautifully written! I cannot stop thinking about this book."- ★★★★★ Laura, Amazon Reviewer
IN A WORLD where cities sprawl like half-submerged skeletons, Maia has spent her entire life hidden within the mountains of New Zealand. Her only companions being her ailing grandfather and a nomadic dog named Huck, Maia resents being alone. She spends her days wandering the ruins of a population long gone, dreaming of a place where the few humans left behind can start again - a place her grandfather insists is a myth.But Maia cannot escape a strong and mysterious force calling her out into the world, as well as bizarre events following her around the island. There is something strangely enchanted about the land in which she lives ... or is it her?When Maia hears a rumor that people are heading to The Old Arctic Circle half a world away, she knows this is where her destiny lies - until a devastating turn of events seems to shatter any hope of reaching her destination. Clinging to the edge of her life, Maia must come face to face with the transformative power of fate, discovering the one thing she has spent her life running from may be the only thing to save her.The first book in The Forgotten Ones trilogy, The Weight of a Thousand Oceans is one woman's haunting story about the astonishing, sometimes heart-wrenching perseverance of the human spirit across a deeply forsaken planet."If you loved Divergent, The Hunger Games, and The Maze Runner, then I believe you'll also love Maia's story." - ★★★★★ A. Lee Hughes, Author of The Scars We Choose"Marvelous, beautiful, and heart-wrenching." - ★★★★★ Caroline, Goodreads Reviewer