Author: Leslie Wolfe

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Can she remember what happened that night, before the killer she thought was caught can strike again?

Join the ingenious and strong-willed

FBI Agent Tess Winnett

in her action-packed search for the prolific serial killer who once made a mistake. Addictive!“Oh my gosh

this book was just sooo good.

I can’t possibly say enough good things about it. So just take my word and read it for yourself and you’ll see!!! Definitely recommend!!!” – Velvet M., five stars review on Amazon.

She’s unharmed but not unscathed

For fifteen years Laura Watson believed her family’s killer had been caught and was awaiting execution on death row. While she moves on with life with her adoptive family, she also lives in terror and uncertainty of the fear that she will one day remember what really happened that night.

She’s The Watson Girl

As a therapist conducts regression session treatments in an attempt to bring back Laura’s lost memories, little does she know that the closer she gets to the truth, the less time she has to remain alive. Now, the real killer is ready to silence her for good, before she can remember the details of that horrifying night.

She’s a serial killer's loose end

Smart, relentless and short-fused

FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett

and her team now search for the serial killer who has managed to stay hidden, but who is now ready to strike once more to silence one last remaining witness.Tess will hold nothing back to stop the killer before he takes another innocent life. Even risking her own in the process.

Laura Watson’s family was murdered fifteen years ago.That was only the beginning.


beginning.If you’re the apple of his eye, you’re already dead.

The best-selling author of

Dawn Girl

is back with another suspenseful, gripping thriller. If you’re a fan of David Baldacci and James Patterson, you will enjoy Leslie Wolfe.

Praise for

The Watson Girl

“Love, love, love me some Tess Winnett!!!!”

“’You know a psychopath when you see one...’

Maybe Leslie Wolfe is a psychopath or just a heck of a researcher (hope's the second one), but after

Silence of the Lambs,

and some top

Criminal Minds

episodes is hard to find a book that will abduct you the way that this one abducted me...

Fantastic writing and scary way of ‘thinking as the serial killer...!’ Bravo!”


This book was so dang good!!! I couldn’t read it fast enough.”This is the first book I've read by Leslie Wolfe and

WOW, if you like serious thrillers, this one is for you.

A serial killer is on death row for many killings. Everyone is sure they have the right man for ALL the killings, but DO they? Be careful, this is a page turner,

don't start if you are sleepy.

“Oh, my what to say!

First, I almost missed my flight since I somehow buried myself in this book. Of course, I have now ordered the entire season. I think this will make me a Leslie Wolfe fan. It has been

many years since I got hooked on an author.

Thank you!”

“Loved it!

Couldn't put it down. Would fall asleep reading my kindle, wake up in the middle of the night and start reading again!

Kept me guessing until the end.”

What Readers and Reviewers Are Saying About Leslie Wolfe

“Leslie Wolfe has the talent that is comparable to the likes of a Tom Clancy or a Michael Crichton, or even James Patterson.” - Dennis Waller“Wolfe keeps readers turning the pages...” - Kirkus Reviews