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The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in worldwide lockdowns as Governments imposed strict conditions. As industries, businesses and individuals adjusted to the implications, the legal sector rapidly introduced remote court hearings to keep the wheels of justice turning.

The shift towards home working forced lawyers and non-lawyers alike to embrace technology and to stumble through the ‘new normal’ of video conferencing and virtual meetings.

Andrew King, specialist litigation solicitor, was involved in one of the first ‘virtual trials’ in England, fully conducted by Skype for Business in the High Court of Justice.

Following his experience, 50 Tips brings together practical ideas and guidance to help those using video conferencing platforms in business to make the most of the virtual meeting environment.

Whilst particularly pertinent to those in the legal sector, this book will be relevant to all manner of commercial and other formal meeting situations, including employment disciplinary meetings, sales pitches, job interviews, due diligence, contract negotiations, and parliamentary, local authority and other committee meetings.

Whether you are experienced or a novice, 50 tips is a valuable companion for anyone utilising video conferencing in a professional capacity or for business use. Following the practical ideas and guidance will help ensure the experience of the virtual workspace experience is a positive one.