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If you are like the thousands thrown into the swift river of working remotely without any training or support, do not feel alone (there are plenty of virtual piranhas with you). The frustrations you are feeling by the business impact of the corona virus are because working from home can be totally frustrating, and even scary. "The Virtual Divide" has won the 2019 American Book Fest Best Book Finalist Award, as well as the coveted 2020 Distinguished Favorite in Leadership by the Independent Press Award can help reduce that fear and frustrations.Many of your managers are in the same boat but we can help you get some ideas that will help greatly. There are a ton of free resources (we call them Virtual Nuggets) that have been researched for your easy access. We will show you how to be productive in virtual team meetings, how to communicate clearly and effectively, and the best ways to build trust with others who are feeling the same fears as you.