Author: Nancy Warren

Category: Dark & Urban Fantasy

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Lucy inherits an Oxford knitting shop...And so much more...Like the vampires who live downstairs and pop up to the shop when they run out of wool, or for their late night knitting club. They've even offered to help Lucy learn how to knit. She discovers she's a witch and has some quirky relatives she never knew about. Her grandmother's supposed to be dead, but keeps showing up. It's enough to send Lucy screaming back to Boston, except there's a mystery to solve and Oxford and her new vampire friends are kind of growing on her..."Charming, light-hearted and funny." *****"I'm totally in love with this well-written, imaginative 'other world' in Oxford. The terrific cast of characters bring humor, romance and solving crime -- all while knitting." *****Enjoy this series by a USA Today Bestselling Author. There's no sex, swearing or gore, but plenty of quirky characters, fun, and a murder mystery to solve. Join the Vampire Knitting Club today. Being undead not required.