Author: J.R. Rain and Scott Nicholson

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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MONTY PYTHON MEETS THE LOST BOYS!#1 bestselling Kindle authors, J.R. Rain and Scott Nicholson, unleash The Vampire Club—a group of lovable, laughable, larcenous college students turned vampire hunters!Nearly two hundred years ago, a man was killed with a silver bullet in a rural, Pennsylvanian town. A man who just might be a vampire.The Vampire Club, a group of misfits who meet regularly in the basement of Western Virginia University’s library, think that they might have found the first documented case of a real vampire. Better yet, the club thinks that the vampire might still be alive to this day, lying comatose in a hidden, rural grave. And this is good news indeed for a group of nerdy vampire lovers.As the search begins, the gang soon realize they aren't the only ones interested in the buried vampire; indeed, a secret society of unusual vampire hunters will do whatever it takes to keep the vampire permanently in its grave.Has the enemy infiltrated the Vampire Club? Will club leader, Andy Barathamoo, win the heart of his beloved Janice? Will the group resurrect an actual vampire? Will Hollywood ever make a decent Anne Rice movie? All these questions and more will be answered in the pages of... The Vampire Club.For fans of Robert Asprin, Piers Anthony, and Terry Pratchett! The Vampire Club is a standalone, humorous vampire adventure that's sure to delight. Over 100 worldwide 5-star reviews!????? "This is such a funny audible book, I laughed and giggled, snorted throughout this goofy book. It is so clever with the silly things it has in it that I almost missed some of the things if I wasn't paying attention. The book is sprinkled with the quick wit, and cunning way they eased the witticism in. I loved it and the characters were wonderful, the plot's a hoot!" ?Amazon reviewer????? "This spoof on vampire fans is so funny... I mean laugh-out-loud funny! Anyone who saw and loved The Lost Boys will appreciate the Corey Haim references (may he rest in peace). You will giggle at the Vu Vlux Vlan and the Vampire Club's single-mindedness to proving that vampires really exist." ?Amazon reviewer????? "The story is awesomely funny and original. I really enjoyed the main character's hilarious facts and obsession with vampires and the trek to find one. The combination of humor, romance, and suspense makes this book a favorite of mine." ?Amazon reviewer????? "Vampire humor at it's finest! This is a fun and humorous read that reminded me of why I fell in love with vampire fiction in the first place. J.R. Rain and Scott Nicholson hit a home run on this one!" ?Amazon reviewer????? "Laugh out loud funny! I was sucked in by the very first paragraph. A must read for any vampire fans!" ?Amazon reviewer