Author: Margie Valadez

Category: Cooking and Drinks

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Many of the foods in the magical world are not much different than what people really eat in various areas of the world, especially Europe. Of course, there are some dishes only found in magical world, especially sweet treats.

Have you ever wondered what Magical Bacon Sandwiches taste like? Or experience the joys of a creamy cold Knickerbocker treat? How about a Golden Snitch Cake? You’ll find all of that in this book as well as exclusive recipes unique to us!

The book contains a rich collection of food inspired by the magical series, include evening nibbles, desserts, cocktail, and more.

With a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of fun and a light dusting of magic, this book will help you whip up everything, from magical world approved breakfasts, to lunches and appetizers, to magical academy dinners and tasty desserts!

Easy, step-by-step recipes are perfect for any Wizards or Muggles and will have you prepping feasts worthy of both your magical academy teachers and students.