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The unanswerable question, what to pack?What To Take & What To LeaveIf you go for a week or a year, the essentials of what you need to pack are the same. On a motorcycle you need to make every kilo count. You will be happy you put some thought into it when the bike is flat down in the mud.“The Unleash Your Adventure Packlist” is unlike any other packlist in that it contains not just what to take or leave behind, but much more importantly it tells you why.The packlist is based on the experience of two around the world motorcycle journeys, and numerous “shorter” trips of 6 – 12 weeks through Turkey, the Balkans, Iceland and Europe. The Hows & Whys Of Motorcycle TravelToo many have fallen victim to the belief that buying and/or assembling gear for a trip is all that is required. They never think about why they want to go on that trip, or never do because they are afraid of the costs. This handbook looks at why you should go, some things to help you prepare, and how to save. It is a mini handbook of the absolute essentials needed for those who dream of making their own journey.