The Tender Touch of Night by V. Kahany

Author: V. Kahany

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He is the king of the Victorian underworld on the wrong side of the law. She is a haughty courtesan on the wrong side of the city. They should have never met.

Maude ‘Ginger’ Daly is used to fine clothes and a luxurious lifestyle. But with money comes trouble. A gambling debt brings her to the slums of Victorian London and the king of the underworld himself—Frank Handley. Should she make a deal with the ruthless man to get back what she lost? Absolutely not. But she does anyway. His crude jokes? She ignores them. His advances? She’s handled worse. His scorching kisses and rough hands that can be oh-so-tender? She doesn’t care. Until that’s all she thinks about.

Frank ‘Lucky’ Handley grew up on the streets. An orphan, a ruthless fighter, he has amassed a fortune and a reputation that makes others bow in fear and admiration. To him, the slums are his Holy Grail. Money is a commodity. And so are women. Until the day brazen Miss Maude Daly dashes into his life. She is a blaze on legs who sets his mind and heart on fire.
But there is one thing that can break the ruthless king.
When the enemies do unspeakable.
To the one person who captured his heart.
His fiery courtesan.

Twists, turns, and revenge in Book 2 of The Belle House Series. "The Tender Touch of Night" is a stand-alone historical mafia novel, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers. It contains explicit scenes for mature audience only!
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