Author: Vlad Kahany

Category: Historical Romance

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Two broken hearts. Five years of lies. A second chance at love.

Scars that never heal.

Miss Blanche Carey is beautiful and dazzling. But behind all her splendor, there are lost dreams and a broken heart.

There were two mistakes in her life.

One was Mrs. Lettice Hatch, her stepmother. Her games were dangerous. Every word was a lie. She was a fraudster, great at deceiving people, even better at ruining their lives. And Blanche was her favorite toy.

Blanche’s second mistake was Marko Farini. For five years, Blanche tried to forget him—his eyes, his kiss, his touch, and how he left—without a word, breaking her young heart. Until she sees him again…

Love that is never forgotten.

After five years in Paris, Marko is back in London. Wealthy and successful, he opens the Elysian Rooms. The extravagant venue takes Victorian London by storm, and a chance encounter with Blanche sets his heart on fire. He’s never forgotten the girl who took his breath away, and with it, his heart.

The past laced with secrets.

Passion burns between Marco and Blanche with new force. But laced with passion are secrets and unspoken words. And the woman who once ruined their lives is back, spinning a web of dangerous lies that can destroy Marko and Blanche. They might have a chance at the future together, but only if they face their pasts.

“The Tender Kiss of Fate” is heart-breaking story of loss, revenge, and the healing power of love. “The Tender Kiss of Fate” is a stand-alone Victorian romance, complete with HEA. It contains explicit scenes for mature audience only!

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