The Special Delivery by Abby Tyler

Author: Abby Tyler

Category: Romance Books

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She brought him pizza. He delivered a family.

Police Officer Jack Stone hasn’t been able to leave the house in seven days. His wreck of a sister gave birth in prison, and baby Ella has been discharged into his care.

He has no idea what to do with her.

Louisa is ready to move on with her life and arrives at Jack's house with her very last pizza delivery before she quits. When he opens the door, Ella is crying, his place is a disaster, and Applebottom’s senior police officer is completely lost.

He could solve her problem, and she could solve his.

Too bad they’ve hated each other since high school.

It will take the entire town to end the twenty-year feud between Jack and Louisa and remind them that people do grow up, and in a crisis, you often grow together.

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