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NO MONEY? Every recipe in this simple college cookbook calls for tasty, inexpensive ingredients. NO TIME? Proven, these college cookbook recipes take forty-five minutes or much less when they start to be "delicious!" NO EXPERIENCE? Useful pictures show one way to prepare unusual products and even use a knife correctly. NO PROBLEM! Three hundred of the most famous and academically recognized recipes in this faculty cookbook contain three variations to make each one more exciting.Don't go to the cafeteria for overpriced chewy waffles or “controversial” suspense meat. With ingredients and forty-five minutes, enjoy one of the delicious student favorites in this school cookbook, including: Classic French Toast, No-Bake Energy Balls, Mozzarella Sticks, Greek Pita Sandwiches, Thai chicken ramen, creamy chicken and mushroom fettuccine and moreCollege students typically don't have a lot of time, money, or kitchen space to look fancy with their food, which means good and cheap is the name of the game. college cookbook allows students to prepare delicious, succulent and healthy meals on a limited budget. 300 recipes only require a maximum of 60 minutes to prepare.Update your fast food and microwave nights with a college cookbook:Multiple Ingredients, 45 Minutes, 300 Recipes - Learn quick and easy ways to mix up dozens of favorite dishes like classic French toast, vegan enchiladas, Greek pita sandwiches, Thai chicken ramen and more.Cooking Basics - Learn basic cooking skills with a simple cookbook that contains tips and tricks on everything from using knives to storing vegetables.A Wide Choice - Most of these student-accredited recipes also come with three swap versions to keep things interesting and suitable for all tastes.Equip students with a cookbook so they can have fun and cook fresh meals for themselves, for college, and for their lifestyle.Just because you're in college doesn't mean you have to eat and find it irresistible. The Simple College Cookbook allows you to cook delicious and simple dishes in a confined space and in a small space.College meals have come a long way in culinary "popularity". Most students don't have the time, money or space to prepare meals like my mom did. Words like fast, cheap and microwaveable have therefore become synonymous with college food. But there is a better way.