Author: George Tome

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Over one thousand years ago, an alien fleet locked the Antyran star system inside a weird space distortion. Now it is time to find their secrets. On a beautiful summer morning some 1,250 years before the start of our story, the fleet of an advanced civilization arrived on the Antyran home planet. It wasn’t a pleasant encounter - at least not for the Antyrans, because the aliens burned their ice cities to the ground and locked the whole star system inside a space distortion that held them captive ever since, hiding the stars. After such an awesome display of destruction, they went back to where they came, but not before investing an Antyran, called Baila I, as the ruler of the world.Despite the constant barriers imposed by the long string of Bailas, and the ever-hotter wall of fire created by the light of the star trapped in the distortion field—which reminded them of their pledge of obedience to the sky masters—the Antyrans progressed. After they developed their first fusion engines, they built colonies on the other two planets inside the distortion.And then, on another beautiful day, the discovery of a few fragments from an ancient spaceship buried in a ravine on one of the recently colonized worlds will open up the chest of madness. Gillabrian, or Gill, as friends use to call him, is an Antyran archaeologist. After stumbling upon the terrible secrets of the alien visitors, he finds himself in the unenviable position of being hunted on all the Antyran worlds, and not only there.The path laid before Gill forces him to change, to discover that he has the strength to overcome his fears and make the right choices even against overwhelming odds. But beyond that, he is compelled to explore the meaning of being alive, to glimpse the fine line between life and death, and find how technology would eventually blur their boundary. Being thrown in the river of madness, he will reach the point where any choice is a bad choice, when defeating a foe could open the path for an even greater evil, when the light at the end of the tunnel is the hideous grin of a technological singularity bent on assimilating everything, its tentacles as long as the Universe. Will our hero prevail and find a way to keep the secrets of the Sigian Bracelet?The novel is an action-packed space opera with plenty of space battles, adventures, and virtual fights taking place in ancient times—the players being Antyrans connected to a virtual world of game islands floating in the sky of a giant planet. Being a perfectionist, it took George Tome some twenty-five years to create the Antyran world, the last ten of which spent on the fifth (and final) iteration. The novel was officially released in 22 Dec 2017 with a FREE Promotion on Amazon. After two days, the eBook skyrocketed from around #100.000 to #44 in the Amazon FREE Best Sellers Rank, even reaching #1 in the Sci-Fi Best Sellers! Thousands of book readers downloaded it in the FREE days. If you want to discover more, visit the book’s website where you can see the story’s prologue, illustrated by Adam Kuczek, a very talented concept artist who works on some of Hollywood’s blockbuster movies.Don’t forget to click on the book cover, where you can read the first four chapters using the ‘Look Inside Feature’, or visit the book’s website, where the same four chapters are free to read or download as PDF.