Author: James Calbraith

Category: Popular Fiction

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The third trilogy in the Song of Britannia saga - Madron's story starts here!


knows she's destined to fame and renown. In her veins runs the blood of


, the great


of the eastern Britons, and of


, the mighty warchief of the Iutes. Wars have been fought for her hand. Her union with the western


son brought peace to the divided land. Their child is the hope for the entire nation's future.But there are many who don't want to see that future. Bands of paid warriors strike at her and her husband, forcing Madron to seek safety in the place she left many years ago, but still calls


: the greatest city in Britannia,


. Here, she will stumble upon an even greater conspiracy - one that threatens not only her family, but to engulf the whole island in flames of a new war.And her only clue to discover who's behind it all is one half of a golden


A new heroine - a new band of comrades - a new mystery - and a whole brand new story in the best-selling series

The Song Of Britain


The Song of Madron!