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Turn Your Passion Into Profit By Starting A Blog

Blogging is one of the few hobbies and side-hustles that can allow you to monetize your knowledge and passion and make a living working from anywhere.

Despite the growing opportunities for content creators out there, not everyone can get their blogging breakthrough. Did you know, for example, that 81% of people who start a website never even make their first $100 blogging? 

And that’s because unless you have the right information, strategy, and skillset, hobby blogs remain just that - a hobby, instead of thriving into an online business. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

In this expanded 2nd Edition of The She Approach To Starting A Money-Making Blog, you will learn:

How to find or determine the topic or theme of your blogWhich blogging topics are the most popular and profitable Which blog niches CAN’T be monetized (steer clear of these!)How to pick a blog name (and verify if the domain name is taken)How to set up a website in under 30 minutes The 4 essential pages you need on your WordPress blog How to write high-quality blog posts and content your readers will loveThe best way to make money bloggingWhy affiliate marketing is better than ads (and why it pays more)How to create your first digital product to sell to your audienceHow to write blog posts that earn you more ad or affiliate revenue10 more ways to make money online with a websiteHow to form a long-term blog monetization strategy and turn a profit

Learn how to build a profitable blog right from the start from Ana, the blog growth strategist behind The She Approach. With actionable strategies, clear takeaways, and an easy-to-follow plan - that Ana used to grow not one, but multiple blogs, you simply can’t fail.

Plus when you buy this book, you'll be invited to join Ana's private (and free) blogging community where you'll receive extra training, support, and accountability. You don't have to do this alone!

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The updated edition of this book now contains 100+ pages of additional advice, up to date with the latest blogging strategies, alongside blog brainstorming worksheets and checklists to help you plan and start your blog today!