Author: Benjamin Summers

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A shadow bank is a non-depository financial institution that provides services similar to traditional commercial banks but operates under exemptions from normal banking regulations. Investment banks, private equity and hedge funds are examples of a few types of shadow banks. They create debt and equity capital across the global financial system.The highest level of financial expertise and sophistication is captured by shadow banks… expertise that affords these institutions the ability to not only structure investments that outperform anything available to the public, but more importantly, to create almost infinite capital at will. Over the past half century, shadow bank’s esoteric expertise has fueled the explosive growth of the financial services industry that has corrupted the principles of free markets through regulatory capture and the Federal Reserve itself.Benjamin D. Summers is the managing director of Adagio Group, a boutique investment bank specializing in quantitative alternative asset management. Summers wrote this book to help level the playing field between the big banking interests and the public by sharing his extensive knowledge of quantitative analysis, risk engineering, capital formation, compliance, and an extraordinarily powerful yet underutilized tool available to the public: investment clubs. Through this book, Summers brings you the very same expertise he employs everyday on behalf of Adagio’s clients.Summers provides you all the information you need to both beat the markets and protect yourself from market crises with techniques you simply can’t learn anywhere else. Further, he even shows you how to start and quickly scale your own asset management business to nine figures and beyond by creating highly valuable capital out of thin air as your own shadow bank. You’re going to discover how to use the most esoteric skills of the banking industry to beat the system at its own game.The information in this book has been designed to meet the needs of every market participant: from the most sophisticated financial professionals to those who've never even thought about the subject. It's structured so that no matter what your background is, all you need is a willingness to learn, and by the end, you’ll know everything you need to establish absolute financial independence.