The Seventh District by Stacy-Deanne

Author: Stacy-Deanne

Category: Popular Fiction

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Made The Must-Read Romances List of 2015 by USA Today!
****This story is in honor of my grandmother who died of breast cancer and breast cancer victims and survivors everywhere!****

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot in Pope Hill, Georgia.
When breast cancer survivor McKenzie Gable comes to Pope Hill to oversee the construction of the Seventh District, a neighborhood that has recently burned down, all hell breaks loose. She is instantly thrust into the charms of the womanizing Trent Dafoe, and though McKenzie does all she can to hide a burgeoning attraction; she falls for Trent but might live to regret it.

Meanwhile Wilhelmina, McKenzie’s rich aunt and Mayor of the town, continues to be at odds with her youngest daughter, Babe. Babe detests her mother and will do all she can to get revenge for how Wilhelmina has treated her.

Pope Hill is a town full of secrets, sex, and lies and the more McKenzie stays, the more she learns that the Seventh District isn’t the only thing that needs rebuilding.