Author: M.L. Bullock

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Updated & Expanded FULL Omnibus version for Feb 2020!The Seven Sisters Ultimate Cottonwood Saga, including two bonus stories.When historian Carrie Jo Jardine accepted her dream job as the chief historian at Seven Sisters in Mobile, Alabama, she had no idea what she would encounter.The moldering old plantation housed more than a few boxes of antebellum artifacts and forgotten oil paintings.Secrets lived there--and they demanded to be set free.When young, wealthy Ashland Stuart offered Carrie Jo the job, he had no idea that she had a secret of her own.An unexpected accident takes Carrie Jo back in time as a witness to life at the plantation over 150 years ago.An impassioned plea from Ashland puts Carrie Jo in a precarious position as the two work together to find young and beautiful missing heiress Calpurnia Cottonwood.A collection of journals and a series of dreams give Carrie Jo all the clues she needs to find the missing girl, but both a present-day danger and one from the past try to stop her.Will Carrie Jo solve the mystery of the houseor will she go missing forever herself?Go up and click 'Read for Free' or 'Buy Now' and start reading today!The Seven Sisters Complete Cottonwood Saga Includes:1. Seven Sisters2. Moonlight Falls on Seven Sisters3. Shadows Stir at Seven Sisters4. The Stars That Fell5. The Stars We Walked Upon6. The Sun Rises Over Seven Sisters7. Christmas at Seven Sisters8. Ghost on a Swing9. Beyond Seven Sisters