The Sergeant Frank Hardy Mysteries Anthology by Wendy M. Wilson

Author: Wendy M. Wilson

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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"This series is full of excitement and adventure and mystery; with wonderful characters, and a lovely setting." Amazon Reviewer

"So impressed with this well-written, historical drama, crime thriller, with a wee love story to entice, that I'm buying the rest of the series - and I'm very critical in my reading choices, and limited in my finances, so it's great recommend from me." Amazon Reviewer

In late nineteenth-century New Zealand, Sergeant Frank Hardy, ex British soldier, battles for survival and for his own life as he carves out a new existence for himself and his family in the prehistoric but stunningly beautiful bush. An "atmospheric and engaging series."

Sergeant Frank Hardy is asked to find two missing men. He is reluctant. He was looking for something more adventurous. But an attack by an axe-wielding warrior and a chance encounter with the cousin of one of the missing men draws him into the action.
Frank Hardy awakes in an underground cell with no idea how he got there and why he has been taken. While he attempts to escape, he searches his past to discover why anyone would want him hidden away. Meanwhile, his partner and his fiance search for him while dealing with a body that wasn't supposed to surface and a man who looking for his missing brother.
Sergeant Hardy and his wife, Mette, search for a man who left home to find work and did not return. Based on a true story. The three books are the first in an ongoing saga of life in New Zealand, where a seemingly bucolic countryside is fraught with danger, from earthquakes, floods and fires, to the vestiges of war, and all the hardship that went with founding a new country thousands of miles from the homes of the new settlers from places as disparate as England, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, and China.