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Become a Farmer Without Leaving Your Backyard!

Have you ever dreamed of growing your own food? Between the fresh air, the exercise, and the savings on rising grocery prices, there are so many great reasons to garden. But you can go one big step further when you start your own mini-farm.

With backyard farming, you use the land you already have to grow your own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Some people even raise livestock at home! A mini-farm is easy to start and doesn’t have to be expensive. You’ll eat healthier, help the environment, and relieve stress.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard is a detailed resource for new backyard farmers. No matter where you live, what size your yard is, or how much gardening experience you have, this book will guide you through the steps of creating your own mini-farm. The pages within will show you where and how to start, lead you through the most common challenges, and teach you how to create the perfect homestead garden for your backyard.