Author: Scott Cryer

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Did you know humans are bad at making decisions?Not bad like murdering your neighbor bad, just plain old poor decisions. Decisions made too late, decisions made without enough information, decisions made after gathering too much information, decisions made in a vacuum, decisions made to protect what you already have. But what do you do when the old processes that were the foundation of your business no longer serve the purpose or are no longer benefitting the whole?This problem has a name: The Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone!The Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone equips business owners, business leaders, and the inquisitive minds in between with the tools to make their cultures, companies, and lives more successful. The tools within take little knowledge or experience to understand, but can have a huge impact on you, your team, and your organization.

In this book, you will learn:

The three types of cones you will see in business.How each cone is formed and the signs of them.The negative effects of each cone on your business growth.Decision Maker's Lunchbox (Packing, Partitioning, Perfecting) - each P has two tools to help make better decisions and avoid SLICCs.

This uncomfortably familiar and often humorous book will help you finally fall asleep at night instead of racking your brain for a solution to your perpetual woes.

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