The Scandalous Inheritance by Nancy Smith Gibson

Author: Nancy Smith Gibson

Category: Romance Books

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It’s 1919 and the Great War is over. Soldiers are returning home and want their jobs back. When Alise is replaced by a returning soldier, the letter from an attorney in Texas comes at an opportune time. She is sole heir to her aunt’s estate: a house, business, and money.

Hoping the house is suitable to open a bakery, Alise takes the next train to claim her inheritance, but it isn’t at all what she expected.

Returning home from the war, Owen’s wounds aren’t just physical. His brusque attitude causes him to rebuff Alise on the train to Texas, and he offends her at every turn once they’ve arrived in Rock Springs.

Secrets and misunderstandings stand between them, until passion pulls them together. Can forgiveness allow them to forge a future together?