Author: James Calbraith

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- #1 Bestseller in Norse Historical Fiction in UK, Canada and Australia! - A barbarian child raised by Briton nobles. A slave destined to rule. From the ash of the old world, a new Britannia is born.Thirty years have passed since Britannia voted to throw off the Roman yoke. Now, the old world crumbles. Pirates roam the seas, bandits threaten the highways, and barbarian refugees from the East arrive on Britannia's shores, uninvited. The rich profit from the chaos, while the poor suffer. A new Dark Age is approaching - but all is not lost.

A Saxon child is found on a Briton beach with nothing but a precious stone at his neck and a memory of a distant war from which his people have fled. Raised by a Briton nobleman, trained in warfare and ancient knowledge, he soon becomes embroiled in a struggle that will determine the future of all Britannia.


"In The Saxon Spears James Calbraith gives us a fast-paced, immediate, raw look into the dark times of the fifth century. (...) James Calbraith's Ash is a sympathetic protagonist, full of mystery and a yearning to discover the secrets of his past and the truth of his destiny. The Saxon Spears is a great read." - MATTHEW HARFFY, author of Bernicia Chronicles

????? "Rich, detailed writing and compelling characters." - Jessica Belmont, Jessica Belmont

????? "A truly intriguing and impressive start to a new series." - Liberty Ireland, Historical Graffiti

???? "A fine beginning indeed to what promises to be an exciting series." - Paul Bennett, Hoover Book Reviews


The Saxon Spears is the first volume of the Song of Ash, a fast-paced, gripping historical fiction saga, perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell's "The Last Kingdom" series, Matthew Harffy and Conn Iggulden.