Author: A.M. White

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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"Our world is gone, it ceased the day the Roars came. It enslaved those it could reach. I was one of those taken, used, and marked as property.
Hope is a luxury I don't allow anymore. The Roar will harvest us down to nothing. The Roar will always want more. Always."
Alex was enslaved by an underground civilization that controls the Roars. Little does she know that people have found a way to survive outside the walls of her compound. Someone out there is interested in finding her.
Alex's journey to freedom is plagued by twists and turns. The new world is cruel. Alex must learn to live in a time when anyone can be an enemy.
With a little help from new friends she may be more valuable than anyone could have imagined. Alex may be able to change everything. The human race depends on it.