The Ripper Deception by Jacqueline Beard

Author: Jacqueline Beard

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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A Victorian Murder Mystery for fans of Karen Charlton and Anne Perry
The lonely end of a miser leaves clues to the mysterious death of Edmund Gurney in Brighton years earlier.

Private Detective Lawrence Harpham goes to investigate leaving his partner Violet to unravel a series of strange disturbances at a Suffolk rectory.

Both inquiries lead unexpectedly to Whitechapel and the murder of Frances Coles. Was Frances a Ripper victim and is her murder linked to the autumn of terror? Jack is back – or is he?
What readers are saying about The Ripper Deception:
◆  An enjoyable historical mystery, with its likeable characters◆  The Ripper Deception is a first class read and will be enjoyed by all who like a little history to go with their mystery◆  Well rounded characters and with a twist in the tail, recommended for any one with an interest in murder mysteries◆  An enjoyable variation on the infamous Jack the Ripper saga◆  Lawrence Harpham is a detective in the line of Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes but with more human flaws that make him more real and relatable Read more