Author: Biff Price

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Michael Stonebreaker comes from good American stock. He loves his country, his family, and the diversity of friends and freedoms living in the United States affords. His father and grandfather before him fought to safeguard the principles he believes have led his country to unparalleled greatness. Now, the stalemate between the dark undercurrent of US politics and futile public discontent has reached the breaking point. An ingenious plot to save the nation will shatter his ideals of loyalty and patriotism, and rock the United States to its Constitutional core.Meet Michael Stonebreaker – West Point graduate, warrior, war hero, patriot, and the mostqualified man in America to become President.Meet the Movement, the most secret organization in the world. For 60 years they’ve prepared tosave America from destruction, and Michael Stonebreaker is their choice to lead a re-bornAmerica.Meet the mysterious Man who loves the Gulf, racing to save his soldier from the horrible “Butlerfrom Hell!”The Republic (Book 1) of The Stonebreaker Trilogy, with villains so evil that they set new benchmarks in fiction! The series continues with book 2 Invasion and book 3 The Island.