Author: Eva Flynn

Category: Popular Fiction

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Born into poverty, sold into marriage, Victoria has a decision to make. It is 1869 and Victoria can stay in her abusive marriage, or, she can take the offer of the handsome Civil War General James Blood. Victoria chooses revolution.

Revolutions are expensive and Victoria will need money. When the General introduces her to the wealthy Commodore Vanderbilt, she and her “loose” sister Tennessee decide to manipulate the Commodore to conspire with them to crash the stock market. They profit greatly from their plans and Victoria parlays her fortune into the first female-owned brokerage firm.

Victoria’s next challenge is to overcome a fierce rivalry with her idol Susan B. Anthony who has published scandalous rumors about Victoria’s past. Victoria starts her own newspaper, testifies to Congress, and even announces her candidacy for President. Despite his fears, the General continues to support Victoria throughout her embattlements. In return, she adopts his radical ideas and free love beliefs, igniting another battle with Susan B. Anthony and the powerful Reverend Henry Beecher. Victoria must now face prejudice, prosecution, and imprisonment. Ultimately, she and James must face the hardest choice of all—the choice between their country and their love.

This award-winning and richly researched novel by Eva Flynn tells the astonishing story of Victoria Woodhull’s journey from poverty to Presidential candidate at a time when women couldn’t vote. Flynn’s page turner gives voice to one of the unsung heroines of the nineteenth century.

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