Author: Andrew Lang

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The Red Fairy Book is the second volume in the Langs' Fairy Books series, and it includes French, Russian, Danish, and Romanian tales as well as traditional stories from Norse mythology.Table of Contents:The Twelve Dancing PrincessesThe Princess MayblossomSoria Moria CastleThe Death of Koshchei the DeathlessThe Black Thief and Knight of the GlenThe Master ThiefBrother and SisterPrincess RosetteThe Enchanted PigThe NorkaThe Wonderful BirchJack and the BeanstalkThe Little Good MouseGraciosa and PercinetThe Three Princesses of WhitelandThe Voice of DeathThe Six SilliesKari WoodengownDrakestailThe RatcatcherThe True History of Little Golden HoodThe Golden BranchThe Three DwarfsDapplegrimThe Enchanted CanaryThe Twelve BrothersRapunzelThe Nettle SpinnerFarmer WeatherbeardMother HolleMinnikinBushy BrideSnowdropThe Golden GooseThe Seven FoalsThe Marvellous MusicianThe Story of Sigurd