The Reconciliation by Susan Lantz Simpson

Author: Susan Lantz Simpson

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Winter in Southern Maryland’s Amish country brings brisk winds, crisp snow, and for one prodigal daughter, it may also bring a new beginning . . . On her baptismal day, Rebecca Zook ran from the church, leaving her stunned Amish community behind. She only wanted to see something of Gott’s vast world, but city life didn’t turn out as planned. Tricked into a sham marriage, Becky has come home humbled, wiser . . . and pregnant. Her mamm and daed are welcoming, and helping an overburdened young widow gives Becky a new sense of purpose. But after creating such scandal, Becky feels unworthy of a loving husband—let alone a wunderbaar man like Atlee Stauffer. Atlee knows Becky’s situation—and understands why his mother advises him to be careful. Still, this once flighty, flirty girl has become a thoughtful, kind young woman. He’s drawn to Becky like a magnet to a nail. One day, he hopes to build a family with her. But first, he must convince her wary, troubled heart to accept forgiveness and love . . .“Susan Lantz Simpson is a talented author and knows how to write authentic Amish fiction. This story about Becky Zook’s return to her Amish community was heart-tugging.” —She Lives to Read “Each time I start reading an Amish romance/romantic suspense novel . . . I’m hoping for accurate details, a true respect for the Amish culture, and a well paced plot that draws me into their world and keeps me there until the end. With Susan Lantz Simpson’s The Reconciliation, I received all that and more.” —Suspense Sisters Read more