Author: Jacque Stevens

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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He’d rather pick up a book than wield a sword. But fate needs a new hero…Elves never use magic or leave the forest. They aren’t supposed to get sick either, but Drynn’s mother just died from a mysterious illness. When the symbol of the curse—a green stone called the Queen’s Opal—passes to Drynn he must leave the forest to search for a cure . . . or be the next to die.But the opal isn’t all that it seems. Once outside the forest, it shows Drynn visions of a time when the elves and the humans outside of the forest lived in peace. Much has changed in the human lands since then. It’s a darker world, ruled by power-hungry wizards who covet any kind of magic. Magic like the opal. Magic like the natural energy the wizards can see inside the elves.More than healing one illness, Drynn’s visions call for him to restore the world’s former peace, but if the wrong wizard learns about the elves’ innate gifts, even the forest will no longer be safe.Family bonds will be tested. Friends will become foes. With two kingdoms spiraling into chaos, can a shy bookworm conquer his fears to bring peace to the realm?If you like epic quests, mythical creatures, and destined heroes, then you’ll love this coming-of-age fantasy series. One-click now to start the magic, mystery, and heart-pounding adventure! The Queen’s Opal is the first book in a new YA high fantasy series set in the same magical and exotic world as The Stone Bearers (2016).Clean Read. Fantasy violence and a few darker themes. Recommended for young adults and teens twelve and up.Other Books by Jacque Stevens:Stone Bearers:0.The Stone Bearers (2016)0.5. The Frog’s Princess (2016)1.The Queen’s Opal (2017)2.The Queen’s Gift (2018)3.The Queen’s Heir (2018)4.The Queen’s Bane (2019)5.The Queen’s Rite (2019)Please Note: The Queen’s Opal is Book One. The Stone Bearers is a standalone novel that can be read before or after the full series.The short story, The Frog’s Princess, can also be read in any order. Find it in The Fantastic Worlds Anthology (2016) or have a free digital copy delivered to you after signing up for my email list at Those on my email list will receive monthly emails with updates on deals, review opportunities for new releases, and other exclusive content.Fairy Ring:1.Fairy Ring: Shards of Janderelle (2017)2.Fairy Ring: Changeling of Janderelle (2019)3.Fairy Ring: Prince of Janderelle (2020)HighTower Fairytales: Winter Falls: A Tale of the Snow Queen (2017)Cry Wolf: A Tale of Beauty and the Beast (2020)Depths: A Tale of the Little Mermaid (2020)Robin's Hood: A Tale of Sherwood Forest (2021)