The Quasimodo Killings by John Broughton

Author: John Broughton

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Detective Inspector Jacob Vance and his assistant, Detective Sergeant Brittany Shepherd, are called upon to prevent a series of murders across London.The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has provoked a psychopath with her inaugural speech. Soon later, the commissioner receives a letter threatening a series of nine killings, culminating in 'the big one’, unless the police chief retracts her speech with a public apology.To disprove her statements, the killer adds colour and poetry to the murders, all committed in the name of the mysterious Lord Robert. As the death toll mounts, Vance and Shepherd struggle to identify the victims in advance, and there seem to be no clues of the killer's identity.With time running out, can the detectives capture the perpetrator and prevent him from killing again? Read more