Author: John Hughes-Wilson

Category: General Nonfiction

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'A powerful book… there should be a well-thumbed copy of this book on every general’s bedside table…' – The Spectator

From France’s brilliant secret agent transvestite to the infamous Cambridge spy ring, The Puppet Masters offers an entertaining and thought-provoking insight into the work – and treacheries – of the spies who shaped history. From the Old Testament’s honey-traps to WWII’s cryptography, from Elizabeth I to Osama bin Laden, the hidden hand of intelligence is exposed behind every critical decision.

In this revised and updated edition, John Hughes-Wilson analyses the threat of the globalisation of terrorism and the role of intelligence in fighting the ‘War on Terror’.

The Puppet Masters, written by an ex-intelligence officer, reveals the role of spying and intelligence in the great events of history. Perfect for either curious layman or expert.