Author: Kat Faitour

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He’s the very last thing she wants. Which is too bad, because he’s also the exact thing she needs.

Madeleine Price is a former child star who paid a high cost for fame. Now, she’s a recluse with fear her closest companion.

When an act of random violence destroys her safe cocoon, she’s forced to accept the help of a man she heartily dislikes but offers her the best way out.

Sebastian Payne is an honorable man who also understands pain and grief. But rather than hiding away, he chooses action and takes the fight to his enemies. And he doesn’t accept losing.

When terrible circumstances catapult them together, he vows to shelter and protect Madeleine from further loss. What he doesn’t count on are his unwanted feelings for her.

Passion blooms as their forced proximity fans the flames of attraction. And while Sebastian tries to rein in his reluctant yet rampant desire, Madeleine has other ideas. She resolves to seduce him, forcing him to see her as a woman rather than just a responsibility.

But outside forces are gathering against them. Sebastian is orchestrating a dangerous dance to bring a sex trafficking ring to justice. And Madeleine has enemies of her own…

Can two opposites bridge the gap between them to find forever love? Or will tragedy strike again, this time costing them their lives?

The Price of Winning is the fourth book in Kat Faitour’s London Calling, a thrilling romantic adventure series. If you like Nora Roberts, then you’ll love this series that combines sizzle, suspense, and a cast of characters you’re sure to fall in love with.

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