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Be Prepared for Finding, Collecting, Filtering, Purifying, and Accumulating Water, Your Lifeline in The Worst-Case Emergency Scenarios.

I’ve learned the hard way that the right knowledge can literally save your life…

…and that’s why I have put my 20 years prepping and survival experience into this phenomenal book.

Are you ready to learn the scientific protocol to find out if water is drinkable, how to purify it in any situation, and how to store it and be prepared in the event of a sudden crisis?

When disaster strikes, having enough water can make the difference between life and death.

If you too think that water self-sufficiency is the single most important skill for survival, whether Bugging In or Bugging Out...

... and you want to master the most effective techniques to find, purify, and store drinking water...

... then in this book, you will find everything you need to obtain or produce drinking water in total self-sufficiency and without depending on anyone, even in the event of serious damage to the water network, whether in a city condo or a remote house.

And even more… Buy this book and get 2 BONUS essential guidebooks with 100 + pages on Bushcraft and Emergency kit (look below in description for details).

Here's what you'll find in this manual:

? 3 days without water: how dehydration impacts your body and how to fight and limit its side effects

? What may cause contamination, and how to tell in advance if water is drinkable, even if it looks clear and shows no evident signs of pollution

? A detailed guide to finding and gathering water in nature, even if rainwater is scarce

? Proven scientific methods for disinfecting and purifying water after a disaster, and how to keep your water containers clean and sanitized once opened

? The simplest way to build a "do-it-yourself" water tank, and why you need to rotate your water stocks to prevent contamination

? 8 ultra-fast and safe ways to store water quickly, without specific skills, and even in a serious emergency scenario

? The ultimate guide to extracting water from the subsoil with minimal means available and in environmentally-friendly ways

? Can you tell if your water is polluted? Here are the most effective strategies to analyze its color and odor to avoid any mistakes that can put your health at risk

? Water collection, filtration, treatment, storage, and disposal: all you need to know about the sourcing process and the preservation of your water resources

? Bonus 1 BUSHCRAFT - How to Survive 3 Days in the Wild: how to find your bearings, food, and water; how to light a fire and survive for at least 3 days in the wild.

? Bonus 2 THE PERFECT EMERGENCY BAG: The essential kit list for your Bug-Out bag a super-detailed list to prepare your perfect bug-out bag emergency kit, with all the essential tools you need to take with you to survive for weeks in case of a sudden emergency

? And much, much more!

If you belong to the select circle of people who are aware of how important it is to master the entire process of finding, collecting, extracting, filtering, purifying, and storing drinking water...

... then scroll to the top of the page, click the "Buy Now" button, and make your drinking water supply independent from the national water network even in the event of a serious crisis or emergency – now!