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Would you know how to survive if right now your tap stops dispensing water? Are climate change, wars and famines beginning to shake the certainty of still finding water on the shelves?

If you want to know exactly what to do in every thirst-risk situation, then this book is for you...

Water has been taken for granted over the past decades, forgetting that the world is facing an unrelenting struggle, climate change, which will result in many U.S. cities no longer having full access to this vital resource.

This could also happen to you, who may live in a part of America where water is abundant today. The risk is as real as it is scary: finding yourself without the most important resource!

When water resources are depleted only those who have prepared correctly and at the right time don't suffer thirst, overcoming even the most unfavorable situations!

That’s exactly why “Prepper's Water Survival Bible” will enable you to make sure you and your family never run out of water by teaching you how to:

Properly filter water, removing heavy metals and harmful substances from it even without electricityMake seawater potable, allowing you access to a virtually infinite resourceTreating different types of water, such as pond, lake or muddy water, in the correct wayStore water properly, preventing dangerous toxins from developing in itCollect rainwater effectively by setting up a collection centerand much, much more!

This book will take you by the hand and lead you through every single step to ensuring clean water even in the worst of emergencies.

Ready to gain the knowledge you need to secure the #1 vital resource for your family?

Don't be caught unprepared - Click on "Buy Now" and make your water drinking independent of the national grid!