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Will you and your family survive the next big disaster?We don’t know what the next emergency will be: it could be a natural disaster, an economic collapse or a political overthrow.We don’t know when it will hit: it could be tomorrow, in a month or a year.We don’t know who it will affect the most: me, you or the entire population.Will you be ready?13 books in 1, an incredible amount of knowledge packed in one book! This New Edition contains new and updated content, additional chapters, and extra strategies so you can learn how to act with competence and focus in any emergency.A step-by-step guide that will drive you into home protection, stockpiling, herbal medicine, canning and more, with clear action plans to help you handle any crisis.In this 13 in 1 Bible, you will find proven techniques and methods to build up your skills to face any unforeseen event in an uncertain world that gets out of control every day.When you will have no electricity, water, food…When you will need to abandon your house or protect it…When you will have no idea how to communicate with the rest of the world…When you will be the one your family will ask for guidance or when you will have to cure them with no access to medicines, with no money available…In that moments, this Bible will be your most valuable resource.In this Collection of Books you will find:? Tons of invaluable survival techniques, tools and checklists? How to defeat the risk of running out of food by learning to grow it yourself!? Several strategies to take care of your Mind and Body in an emergency? How to not lose connection with the world around you? Bug in and home protection techniques to combat any threat? How nature can keep you and your family in good health? How to be independent of the public supply services? A detailed guide to Create and Organize a Prepper’s Pantry for long-term survival? Canning recipes and methods to feed your family with homemade food that will last for years - Meat, Fish and Veg Recipes to create a healthy and varied emergency food stock? And much more!?? Discover your 2 FREE EXTRA CONTENTS today! Find the QR code inside the book! ??? Bushcraft: All you need to know to survive in the wild. A step-by-step guide to the skill of wilderness survival? 72h emergency checklist: a “not to be missed” list of everything you need for when you need it the most

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