Author: Anna Brooks

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Three full-length romances filled swoon-worthy alphas and nail-biting suspense. They might be bad boys, but they're also really good men who prove they'll do anything to keep their women safe... especially when it comes to protecting their hearts. From forbidden romance to instant attraction, this boxed set will give you all the feels and leave you with happily ever after's that will make you believe in true love.What readers are saying about The Pleasant Valley Series... "What is better than one Anna Brooks novel but three all rolled into one box set. Three swoon worthy alpha males. Three sassy strong females. And three epic love stories that will have you flipping your kindle pages as quick as you can to see what happens next." ~ Capriotate "I am amazed by these stories. All of them were relatable and filled with such angst they made for very thoughtful reading. Nothing quite like a damaged hero or heroine finding redemption and these books had it in spades!"~ BA NDINCLUDES: Fixing Fate:I don't remember what it's like not to be scared.And then I meet him.My brother's friend and ex-partner is everything I'll never be. Sexy, confident, and perfect. He calls me sunshine and tells me I'm beautiful. He asks me to stay.When my past come back with a vengeance, he proves just how much he'd risk to shield me from the demons that were never supposed to resurface.Love, Me:He has trouble written all over him. From his dark brown eyes and cocky smile to the leather jacket and ripped jeans, I know exactly what kind of guy he is.The tempting bad boy comes out of nowhere and makes me question everything... and everyone.He marks people's skin for a living, but what he doesn't know is he's already tattooed his way onto my heart. I don't need ink for a permanent reminder of him, but I'd do almost anything for his touch.Steady:We couldn't be any more opposite. He comes from a life of wealth and fame while I grew up in the system and am one step away from living in my car again.I see the pain he's trying to hide, and he knows the hell I've lived through, but that didn't stop us.One night was what I needed, but he wanted more, and men like him always get what they want.