Author: Linda Hagan

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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A murder in a public place, a victim who hides his killer’s intent…

A German citizen is murdered in Belfast Botanic Gardens. Investigating, DCI Gawn Girvin concludes it is a

revenge killing

. But she draws a blank from CCTV and forensics.The only clue is the top of a perfume bottle found at the scene. As frustration sets in, Girvin develops a hunch that by tracing the victim’s

criminal connections

, they’ve followed the wrong scent.A young female university student seen nearby may hold the only key to unlocking the case. And

like a bloodhound

, Girvin follows the new leads.But being ex-army, her cold demeanour is

a magnet for risk takers

. It means she gets results, but also puts herself in danger. And she could be charging into her biggest challenge yet.


is Linda Hagan’s debut novel. The full list of standalone mysteries in this series is as follows:1. THE PERFUME KILLER2. MURDER SKY HIGH3. A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH4. KILLING THE VIBE5. THAT MUCH SHE KNEW6. MURDER ON THE TABLE7. NOTHING BUT SMILESSet in Belfast,


will particularly appeal to readers of Northern Irish crime writers such as Robert McCracken, Diane Jeffrey, and Claire McGowan, and in general all those who love a cracking mystery.

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