The Pelican Trees by Patrick Higgins

Author: Patrick Higgins

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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When was the last time you went on a great and daring adventure? In this time of great uncertainty and social distancing, if you haven't been able to embark on a great adventure in the real world, why not go on one by reading this book? The story it tells will greatly lift your spirits and bless your life immeasurably, making it the perfect next read!

Chock full of mystery, suspense and intrigue, The Pelican Trees allows each reader to do just that, each step carefully orchestrated by a loving grandfather (already in Heaven) trying to rescue his precious granddaughter and the rest of his family from eternal condemnation.


Left out of her grandfather's will for no apparent reason, Shelby McKinney mysteriously receives a post-dated letter a few days later, stating that he hadn't forgotten about her after all. But if she wants her inheritance, she must find it buried six-feet beneath the sand somewhere in the state of Florida.


The only available clues—limited as they are—were stored in a bank safe-deposit box somewhere in the Sunshine State. Shelby is given 90 days to locate the bank, decipher all clues and find her buried inheritance. If she doesn't find it within the 90-day time frame, she'll be forced to forfeit it altogether.


Facing insurmountable odds, Shelby's exciting family adventure quickly turns dangerous when the wife and mother of three discovers she isn't the only one searching for the buried treasure chest. Six extremely dangerous men are carefully monitoring her every move, fully determined to use any and all necessary measures to steal it from her the moment she unearths it.


Not only does this tumultuous voyage of self-discovery nearly cost Shelby her life, she is confronted by the ever-present spirit world like never before!


But with 140 strangers constantly praying for her, Shelby McKinney ultimately realizes the adventure her late grandfather sent her on was so much more than a personal quest to find her buried inheritance.


In the end, Shelby McKinney finds so much more than buried treasure underneath the pelican trees....

Not only are the "race and forgiveness factors" palpable throughout the entire story, there are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very end, making this a compelling read. If you're looking for the perfect "end of summer read", look no further..

Higgins' new release, "I Never Knew You", was released on 09-01-20. In the first nine months since its released--in September 2020—more than 600 positive RATINGS - REVIEWS have already been posted on Amazon, Goodreads and Book Bub...and counting!

The first six installments of his award-winning prophetic series, "Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye", are now available. The next installment will be released this fall (2021).